For centuries, artisans and builders have chosen tile. Today, porcelain tile is quickly rising in the ranks to the number one choice in new home builds and remodels. Here are some reasons as to why...

Strength & Durability

Porcelain tile is kiln-fired at a high temperature, which drives out water, and burns out impurities to create an extremely dense nearly non-porous surface that is strong and long-lasting. 

Easy Maintenance

As mentioned above, kiln-firing at such high temperatures drives out water, which makes porcelain tile impenetrable to water and stains. Additionally, porcelain easily thrives in extreme temperatures.


Our favorite benefit of porcelain tile is its versatility. Whether you are on the hunt for large format tiles to create linear, minimalist spaces, or want to design your own pattern of vibrant and colorful mosaics, porcelain will accommodate you. 


Fairly self-explanatory, porcelain tile is hypoallergenic. Again, due to high firing temperatures, porcelain tile is inhospitable to mites, mold, and germs.